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Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 软件具备最先进的图像处理技术、全新的创意选项和极快的性能。借助新增的内容识别功能进行润色并使用全新和改良的工具和工作流程创建出出色的设计和影片。

升级到 Photoshop CS6,体验无与伦比的速度、功能和生产效率。全新、优雅的界面提供多种开创性的设计工具 - 包括内容感知修补、新的虚化图库、更快速且更精确的裁剪工具、直观的视频制作等。


1)         使用神奇的图像处理功能编辑和增强效果——使用 Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 软件轻松准确地制作优异的图像。使用创新的内容识别工具润色图像,轻松选择和蒙版复杂图像元素以及尝试更多智能编辑工具。 

2)         更有效的工作——快速编辑大型图像。使用Mercury图像引擎和跨平台64位支持中获得极其快速的操作性能,提高您的工作效率。

3)         使用最先进的图像工具——使用智能的编辑工具去校正镜头扭曲、色差和晕影等,创建图片模糊效果,快速整理校正图像。

4)         使用Adobe Camera Raw 7专业的出来图像——使用改进的处理程序与增强的控制集完美呈现您的JPEG和相机原始数据文件。消除杂色,增加颗粒效果等功能。

5)         Control color and tone——Make fine adjustments to color and tone with superior tools for color correction, HDR imaging, and HDR Toning. Even customize your black-and-white conversions for exactly the look you want.

6)         Intuitively create movies and video content——Bring the power and creativity of the world's best image editing application to your video footage. Enhance any clip using the full range of Photoshop tools and filters, and create movies using new and intuitive tools to combine clips with titles, stills, audio, transitions, and effects.

7)         Create superior designs and artwork——Design using new and reengineered tools that help you create amazing work in the fewest number of steps. Use type styles for consistent formatting, easily create custom strokes and dashed lines, and much more.

8)         Composite images with advanced features——Work creatively with precision and efficiency. Adjust the opacity and fill of multiple layers at once, blend images smoothly, create 360-degree panoramas, extend depth of field, and more.

9)         Take advantage of a streamlined workflow——Keep your projects moving smoothly. Easily migrate and share your presets and other customizations, work with a modern interface that puts more focus on your images, and automate routine production tasks.

10)     Save time with user-inspired improvements——You speak and it happens. Photoshop CS6 includes more than 65 creativity and productivity boosts directly requested by users via Facebook, Twitter, and Adobe blogs and forums.

11)     Extend your reach——Take advantage of integration with other Adobe tools to maximize your creativity even when you're on the go.


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